“Castle Defenders” explains the cyber defender’s job in child-friendly terms as a tribute to the contribution of cybersecurity professionals to society

Boston – October 2, 2023 – Pentera’s new cybersecurity book for children Castle Defenders: What Do Cyber Parents Do?has reached Amazon’s Best Seller list in the categories for Children’s Internet Books, Children’s Parents Books, and Children’s Jobs & Careers Reference Books. The book is dedicated to cybersecurity professionals and their families, and serves as a much needed resource for parents to explain the importance of cybersecurity to children.

In today’s digital-first world, cybersecurity professionals have become the frontline workers who protect our way of life. The behind-the-scenes work they do ensures the security of our critical infrastructure as well as everyday services such as healthcare, finance, and communication.

“Castle Defenders is Pentera’s way of showing our appreciation and respect to the cybersecurity professionals community,” said Aviv Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer of Pentera. “Appreciation begins at home. We offer Castle Defenders as a resource to help cybersecurity practitioners communicate the significance of their work to their families and loved ones.”

The Castle Defenders book translates common cyber terminology into a story children can understand and characters they can relate to. The story follows young siblings Emma and Oliver as they are introduced to the world of cybersecurity, learning about the important role cybersecurity professionals play in society through the prism of a castle in need of defense. The book also provides the 10 rules for cyber safety children can easily follow.

Cyber Defenders: What Do Cyber Parents Do? Is available here. All proceeds from purchases of the book will be donated to charities supporting early cybersecurity education.