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Don’t assume. Validate.
Because 'pretty certain'
doesn't mean secure.

Reduce your exposure with Automated Security Validation™.

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Continuously test your
defenses against the
latest attacks.

Our platform reveals and prioritizes the riskiest security gaps with research-driven Automated Security Validation to guide remediation and reduce your cyber exposure.

Gartner® Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024: Continuous Threat Exposure Management
"60% of survey respondents are either already implementing or considering a CTEM program."
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Alignment and continuous contribution
MITRE ATT&CK® is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.
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96% would recommend Pentera
4.7/5 Rating for security validation platforms.
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Maximize security. Minimize risk.

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Discover full attack kill chains and identify their root cause.

Leading the automation of
security validation in a
changing cyber world.

Pentera tests all your cybersecurity layers, always keeping up with the latest threats, and pointing out true risks. We focus on continuous security validation to keep your organization safe and fix security gaps before they’re exploited. Hundreds of security experts and service providers worldwide trust Pentera for exposure reduction.

CISA security validation

Explore the
art of cyber
The judo way.

Pentera Labs™
Continuously evolving research
for your cybersecurity needs.

Our in-house research team is your asset. Tap into insights from red-teamers, ethical hackers, and cyber experts at the forefront of cybersecurity to stay ahead of threats.

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PenteraCon 2024
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part of a global cybersecurity

Come to PenteraCon 2024 in Berlin, Germany for fresh insights into cyber risk and security. Meet top professionals and dive into practical and strategic security validation practices at Pentera’s Annual Customer Summit.

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