Penetration Testing

Run penetration tests
on-demand anytime.

Move beyond the occasional security checks.

Not sure what’s happening between pen-tests?

Traditional pentesting methods only give you a snapshot of your security at one point in time, and that’s not enough to keep up with a constantly changing threat landscape and your own digital footprint.

Scale your pen-testing
efforts 12-fold.

Make the switch from yearly to weekly or more frequent testing. Check your entire IT environment – including on-premise and cloud with automated pentesting.  

Run Black Box / Gray Box testing.

Test your network like an external attacker would (Black Box), or use specific internal knowledge (Gray Box) to assess the full impact and risks of potential compromises within your environment.

Penetration Testing

Perform targeted testing.

Focus on critical areas like Active Directory misconfigurations for an in-depth assessment of your security across your entire digital footprint – on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Assess identity- and password-related exposure from the attacker’s perspective, including exploitable leaked credentials and password hygiene gaps.

Penetration Testing

Get on-demand reporting.

Receive immediate, detailed reports after testing. These reports include identified exploitable vulnerabilities, their prioritization for fixes, steps for remediation, visual attack paths and root cause, and test scope.

Pentera report

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