Ransomware Resilience

Know your backups
and defenses are ready
against ransomware.

Make sure your security is prepared to block and tackle ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is a growing threat to your business.

A ransomware attack can cause business interruption, huge expenses, critical data loss, and a big hit to your reputation. Now you can be proactive to prevent that.

Validate the strength of your ransomware defenses.

Run today’s most notorious ransomware attacks safely, in your own network. Use controlled methods to test the full attack kill-chain, from initial intrusion to C&C connection, encryption, and data leakage.

Prepare for real-world ransomware attacks.

Test your security with real-life ransomware techniques, so you’ll get a sense of how effective your security truly is. See how your systems react to threats firsthand, including connection to both known and custom command and control domains.

Ransomware targeted testing

Safely emulate ransomware.

Run the attack using a safety-first approach, without encrypting production data, for example.

Ransomware kill chain

Get the most from our in-house research.

Pentera’s team of cyber researchers and former red-teamers constantly create new tests to the product to ensure you’re prepared against the latest ransomware techniques.

ransomware campaigns

Find out for yourself.

Begin your journey in security validation and see why leading companies trust us with their cybersecurity validation.

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