What is ASV?

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In the world of cybersecurity, your main challenge is finding real security gaps among a sea of data. You’ve often had to make assumptions because the data in your vulnerability management systems can be wrong, old, and lack context.


As IT systems evolve, addressing real vulnerabilities before they become a problem is crucial. While penetration testing is accurate, it has limitations in scalability.


Knowing your vulnerabilities empowers you to direct your resources where they matter most. That’s where Automated Security Validation (SecVal) comes in. It sheds light on your real security concerns cost-effectively. SecVal provides you, the CISO, with fresh data reflecting the true impact of threats on your business.


Don’t assume. Validate.

Take a closer look at the 3 pillars of Automated Security Validation™.

Low touch
Apply agentless security validation anywhere. Instantly.
Continuous coverage
Use anytime, on-demand, across your entire attack surface, external & internal.
Real attacks
Emulate the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures.
What is ASV

Why Automated Security Validation™?

Automated Security Validation™ is complete, accurate, and current
Know your security true efficacy against the latest attacks, today and every day.
Penetration testing typically covers only 15% of IT assets.
Up to 40% of scanner alarms are false positives.
The common frequency of penetration testing for each endpoint is once per year.

Fix your true security gaps, quickly.

Speed up your validation-remediation cycle
Focus on remediating breachable and risk-bearing weaknesses as they are created.
Reduce your 3rd party reliance & expenses
Test automatically, on-demand and validate security as often as needed, at a fixed cost.
Increase your security team’s efficiency
Focus your attention only on security gaps proven to be a potential breach-point.

See how ASV measures up against traditional security validation.

A side-by-side look comparing our Automated Security Validation™ approach vs. the old way of doing things.

Vulnerability Assessment
Breach &
External Attack
Vulnerability scanning
Control validation
100% Automation
Real exploitation / no simulation
Risk-based remediation
Complete Attack Surface

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We were able to gain valuable insights into how changes may have impacted our security controls and alerting, helping us harden our defenses.
Karl Mattson, former CISO, City National Bank
If you’re a CISO and you want continuous validation, to retain your top talent, and to facilitate more frequent red team penetration testing, you’re going to want something like Pentera.
Adam Fletcher, Senior Managing Director, Chief Security Officer, Blackstone
Working with Pentera has saved us a bunch of time, we can do a pen test in a couple of days versus a third party pen tester.
Owen Fuller, Cybersecurity Engineering Manager,
Casey's General Stores