Automatically validate security
for continuous resilience

Test the entire IT infrastructure, reveal true risk, and create a surgical remediation™ roadmap


The power of impact prioritization

Pentera identifies true risk and security exposure so you can focus
on the 5% of weaknesses that constitute 95% of the actual risk.

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Security Validation

No agents. No limits.

Pentera is an agentless, low-touch, fully automated platform that requires no prior knowledge of the environment. The solution can see what no one else does, providing immediate discovery and exposure validation across a distributed network infrastructure.

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Model attacker behavior

With Pentera, security teams can think and act as your adversary does, giving you the insights required for anticipating and preventing an attack before it happens.

Cyber kid

Trigger commonly used “noisy” techniques to validate your
defenses and blue team processes

Script Kiddie
Cables connected to server

Emulate a malicious insider that already has access to your network
and identify all possible lateral movements as well as high-risk
assets that may be within reach

Malicious Insider
Commercial Hacking

Test and exploit a wide array of real-life malware and ransomware
exploits that are aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Commercial Hacking
Commercial Hacking

Emulate sophisticated adversary hacking techniques
for stealthy infiltration

Foreign Espionage

Operate an end-to-end malicious attack leveraging
proprietary TTPs

State Influenced

Security you can trust

Hundreds of organizations trust the Pentera Platform do-no-harm policy with no locked users, zero network downtime, and no data manipulation. When we say safe-by-design, we stand behind it.

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Unlimited scale

Gain cloud-scale operation with on-premises control of our most critical security exposures to cover the full enterprise attack surface – those known and those unknown.


Prioritize remediation with confidence

Pentera generates a risk-based remediation roadmap with actionable insights that you can immediately execute, eliminating the noise.

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Attack for ATT&CK

Validate and prioritize all possible adversary actions, keep detection coverage current and at optimum efficacy. Have the confidence that technology investments are optimized.

Platform side by side

Report Demo

See how Pentera’s report provides actionable insight for companies to continue to test and improve their cybersecurity posture.

Pentera Overview

Watch Pentera expose, validate, and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities posing the highest risk.

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