Pentera Platform

Focus your energy on true
security gaps across your
entire attack surface.

Build up your security readiness with Automated Security Validation™.

What your security will look like with us.

Here’s what you can expect.

Reduce cyber risk by 80%
Surgically identify critical gaps with algorithm-based automated security validation.
Cut third-party costs by 60%
Continuously test your security controls on-demand without relying on manual audits and outsourced services.
5X team productivity
Provide your team with a clear roadmap to remediation, prioritized based on business impact, so they can focus on fixing what matters.

Test every surface.
Leave nothing to chance.

Validate every attack surface in your network, and test continuously to maintain control over your true security posture. Be proactive in fixing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, leaked credentials, and privileges before they are exploited.

Challenge like an attacker.
Stress-test your security

Safely run real-world attacks in production with the widest range of techniques and the largest attack library. Access research-led attack scenarios that are aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

Prioritize critical security
gaps with precision.
Remediate like a surgeon. 

Pinpoint the root cause of attack paths and focus on the most exploitable gaps impacting your business. Continuously track and improve your security posture every single day.

Discover how our platform
can make a difference for
your security.

Don’t assume. Validate.

All your attack surfaces, tested continuously.

Pentera Core

Validate your internal network
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Validate against ransomware groups
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Pentera Cloud

Validate your cloud environment
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Credential Exposure

Validate against identity threats
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Pentera Surface

Validate your external attack surface
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If you’re a CISO and you want continuous validation, to retain your top talent, and to facilitate more frequent red team penetration testing, you’re going to want something like Pentera.
Adam Fletcher, Senior Managing Director, Chief Security Officer, Blackstone
We were able to gain valuable insights into how changes may have impacted our security controls and alerting, helping us harden our defenses.
Karl Mattson, former CISO, City National Bank
Partnering with Pentera was our best and easiest decision. Their brilliant collaboration and evolving products perfectly meet our needs.
Fraser Brown, Global Head of IT, Brewdog