Pentera RansomwareReady™

Answer the burning
question: Am I ransomware
defense ready

Eliminate ransomware exposure.

Ransomware defense validation in-depth.

Emulate ransomware attacks
Apply safe versions of the most destructive ransomware strains found in the wild. Understand vulnerabilities and lateral pathways ransomware will take to target critical assets and disrupt your operations.
Validate endpoint protection efficacy
Launch initial exploitation, proprietary payload execution, encryption, and data exfiltration, all fully aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.
Mitigate ransomware risk
Follow the step-by-step remediation guide prioritized based on true risk to your business. Block attack paths and assure ransomware cannot propagate in your network.

Reveal ransomware exposure with complete ransomware testing.

Run precise ransomware attack emulation to reveal exposure anomalies. Validate your security against a wide range of ransomware strains such as REvil, Conti, Maze, LockBit 2.0, and more.

Prove your XDR is working.
Test ransomware prevention and detection.

See if your endpoint security can withstand ransomware attacks and if your SOC can detect and respond the way it should. Test your defenses against data encryption and exfiltration.

Fix security flaws to cut ransomware kill chains.

Understand where your defenses against ransomware are lacking so you can take action. Fix vulnerable hosts, adjust control policies, identify segmentation and privilege mitigation needs, and restrict access to reduce ransomware risks.

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can make a difference for
your security.

Validate your entire attack
surface with the Pentera

Fix the security gaps that really matter.

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By identifying and prioritizing the issues that we find, our metrics and results from our internal pentesting procedure increase by 12 times.
Filipe Frasquilho, Business Development Manager Data Center and Cloud, IP Telecom
Pentera's return on investment, particularly in terms of the time usually spent on penetration testing, saves me a significant amount of time and money.
Midhun Kumar, CISO, Lulu Exchange
Working with Pentera has saved us a bunch of time, we can do a pen test in a couple of days versus a third party pen tester.
Owen Fuller, Cybersecurity Engineering Manager,
Casey's General Stores