Vulnerability Prioritization

Focus on the critical risks
from an endless list of vulnerabilities.

Review impact of proven attack paths to identify your riskiest security gaps.

Too many vulnerabilities to handle?

There aren’t enough hands in the world to close all of your security gaps, which just keep piling on.

Pinpoint security gaps that really need to be fixed.

Automatically run real-world attacks to uncover security gaps with Pentera’s live testing. Identify and prioritize your most critical vulnerabilities, patchable or not, based on proof of the risk they pose to your business.

Keep your eyes
on the crown jewels.

Focus on what attackers find attractive in your environment. Prioritize security gaps by their business risk.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Know the impact across
your entire attack surface.

Identify exploitable vulnerabilities on your internal network, web-facing assets, and cloud environment.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Remediate faster.

Get step-by-step guidance to cut the kill-chain at its root cause. Fix your riskiest gaps with Pentera’s remediation wiki.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Find out for yourself.

Begin your journey in security validation and see why leading companies trust us with their cybersecurity validation.

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