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Last updated on 21 May 2024
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Amitai Ratzon CEO at Pentera
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Today we embark on a new journey. One that will have even a bigger impact on our customers, as we continue to contend with the ever-evolving threat landscape and increased digital attack surface. While our name changed, the mission we set for ourselves when we wrote the first line of code, remains the same.

Modeling the real attacker behavior has been the guiding principle leading us on this path, and that’s still our rallying cry.

Our attack surface is growing exponentially, a shift to cloud workloads is on full speed, vulnerabilities are rocketing, adversaries are advancing their TTPs, ransomware attacks are the new normal, and security teams are struggling to keep pace.

Cybersecurity for the past decade has been as if we’re in a technological arms race.

  • Adding additional walls, hopefully stronger, taller, thicker
  • Acquiring detection and response technologies
  • Finding every possible vulnerability and a patch-it-all approach

But still, data breaches continue to happen despite increased worldwide spend – projected to exceed $150 billion in 2021, according to Gartner. It just doesn’t add up. No simple way of saying that.

We knew, when we first started Pentera, that we needed to approach this problem differently.

Changing a paradigm often seems like mission impossible. You start questioning yourself, but you keep going and then… something happens. It catches fire, those who were devil’s advocates simply become advocates. They don’t say sorry, but that’s ok – we understand!

This is Pentera.

From early adopters to early majority, Pentera has crossed the chasm – with hundreds of customers that choose to validate their security programs automatically, reducing risk and increasing resilience, so that they know they’re ready!

As Pentera CEO, hand-in-hand with our investors, I’m proud of what we have accomplished and can’t wait for what’s to come.

  • Superior technology – solving real-world problems in over 30 countries, across 18 verticals
  • Our Penterians – distributed worldwide, solving our customers’ biggest challenges
  • A unique culture – where the foundation of a customer-first mindset infuses the company from the first developer all the way to our executive management

I want to welcome our customers, partners, prospective clients, and all cybersecurity experts to join us virtually to Xposure, June 23 at 11 A.M. EDT where industry leaders from Splunk, Vectra, Exabeam, Pentera and more unite for an afternoon of content built by cyber experts for cyber experts.

Our agenda is action packed with threat researchers, CEO fireside chats, notorious hackers, & CISOs galore!

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