The Greatest Hits of 2020

The Greatest Hits of 2020

Who doesn’t love some good old nostalgia? Ok, it’s true, many of us are glad to see the back of 2020. But as we start 2021 strong, let’s take a moment to remember some of the community’s favorite content, including our top-read blog, our most-watched webinar, and a chance to make your voice heard on one of the year’s biggest controversies… the best Cybertoon of 2020!

The Personal Touch Gets the Top Spot

Our top blog of the year was by our CEO, Amitai Ratzon, who shared his thoughts about the Pcysys journey so far. After a hugely successful round of funding, he looked back on how he built a “killer team,” shared his unique management philosophy that has led to our huge growth and success, and got real about his goals, values and influences. He also included a photo of himself with our founder and CTO, Arik Liberzon, that’s since become everyone’s top choice for desktop wallpaper.

In the Year We All Watched More Webinars than Ever Before… 

Enterprise pen testing practices was the topic of one of our most popular webinars this year, showing that there’s a real interest in how organizations are shoring up their cyber-defenses and getting ahead of the threat landscape. This has never been more important than right now, when cyber-crime is at an all time high. Want a sneak peek at how today’s enterprises are shifting from manual pen testing to continuous security validation approaches? It’s not too late to watch the webinar, right here. 

Turns out that our webinar favorite was too close to call, so we’re breaking our own rules, and sharing another top pick, on how attackers can fly under the EDR radar. This one caught the community’s interest as Pcysys Cyber Researcher, Eliran Nissan and Head of Research, Alex Spivakovski shared a live demo of the tactics today’s hackers are using, many of which are undetectable by the latest XDR products and tools. Both highly technical and highly intriguing, this webinar is a great chance to get a look under the hood with two of our experts. And as for the techniques? Now you see them, now you don’t.

Just Press Test, PenTera Does the Rest!

Of course, we’ve also spent much of 2020 working on our product. Get up to speed on PenTera in under a minute, right here. 

Vote for Your Favorite CyberToon

We love the responses we’ve had in 2020 to our CyberToons. They aim to take a more lighthearted look at serious topics, using humor to get to the heart of the matter, and have launched some great conversations about industry hot topics. Here are our top 3 CyberToons from 2020.

Cybertoon Survivor
Cybertoon Wolf and sheep

Did we overlook your favorite? Let us know which one is your #1 via social media, or weigh in via email by reaching out to me directly, Feel free to even suggest a topic for the next one! 

In the meantime, wishing all of our customers, employees, partners, and friends a happy healthy new year – don’t forget to subscribe, you’re not going to want to miss what we’re up to next. 

Written by: Roni Shandalov Elzam
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