Leading MSSP automates its security validation practice with Pentera’s award winning platform

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 03, 2022 — Alacrinet Consulting
Services Inc., a specialty IT security consulting company, today announced a partnership with
Pentera, the leader in Automated Security Validation. Pentera’s platform offers unique
capabilities to strengthen Alacrinet’s cybersecurity services.

Maintaining a customer-focused approach, Alacrinet works closely with clients to identify
cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The company provides customers with a range of
managed security services, cyber risk services, protecting and managing firewalls, endpoints,
and managed security information and event management (SIEM).

“What distinguishes Alacrinet from other MSSPs is their mission to identify emerging
cybersecurity companies, vet those technologies, and present them to early adopter customers
within their book of business.” Alacrinet’s Vice President of Cyber Risk Services Mike Pena
explains, “About 15% of our clients have expressed interest in new cybersecurity
solutions,asking us to introduce them to vetted cybersecurity startups and emerging
technologies with innovative offerings we can stand behind. It’s a call-to-action we take
seriously, and after doing our research, Pentera became a prime target for a partnership
opportunity. Thus far, our clients have responded extremely well to Pentera.”

Alacrinet has developed a unique method of running a pentest and detecting security gaps in
the client’s cyber security controls. The partnership with Pentera upgrades Alacrinet’s portfolio,
offering an automated, continuous security validation solution to enhance security readiness
and reduce exposure.

Pentera’s Automated Security Validation platform combines External and Internal Attack
Surface Management (EASM) and penetration testing into a single platform. The solution
emulates the entire cyberattack kill chain, from external-facing assets all the way to the core of
the enterprise. Pentera’s platform identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities based on potential
business impact, and provides security teams with a clear roadmap for remediation.

Hector Monsegur, a former blackhat hackivist and now Senior Director of Research at Alacrinet
believes Pentera is a gamechanger for MSSPs. “As someone who manages internal penetration
tests and red team engagements on a daily basis, it was fascinating to see Pentera offer a
broad range of configuration options. The platform helps my department scale pentests while
delivering quality reporting. It’s a win-win.”

“Today, companies of all sizes are struggling to protect their sensitive data across an ever
expanding threat surface,” said Brian Bouchard, President and CEO of Alacrinet. “Security
validation is a key component towards ensuring that existing security controls are actually
delivering on their promises. Our partnership with Pentera will enable us to provide customers
with continuous security validation, and dramatically improve their security posture.”

“We’re excited to partner with Alacrinet to upgrade their pentesting services,” said Patrick Guay,
SVP Sales, Americas at Pentera. “The addition of our Automated Security Validation platform
will compliment Alacrinet’s already impressive offerings as an MSSP, and will help ensure that
their customers can remain confident in their overall security.”