10th May 2022 – Industry behemoth Bytes Technology Group (Bytes) announces today that it has partnered with Pentera, to deliver Automated Security Validation™  helping its customers reduce their security gaps.

Bytes has chosen to partner with Pentera, having recognised the importance of ensuring their clients’ security teams can immediately identify critical vulnerabilities before they are exploited and have the actionable intelligence to prioritise the remediation of their most critical security gaps.

Pentera’s Automated Security Validation™ solution provides in-depth and accurate empirical data that proves security efficacy against the latest threats. Bytes’ customers will benefit from an accelerated validation to remediation cycle that focuses first on remediating critical weaknesses that would do the most harm. The ability to independently test and validate the current security posture starkly reduces the need for 3rd party analysis, reduces the penetration testing backlog, and reduces the costs of wasteful renewals of ineffective legacy solutions. Bytes’ client’s will immediately benefit from an increase in their security team’s efficiency, since efforts can be focused on security gaps proven to be the most critical risk.

Bytes Software Services’ Security Business Manager, Toby Noble, comments: In reviewing our security portfolio, we quickly identified a gap in the services being offered to customers around breach attack simulation. Pentera go one step further with their automated security validation, ensuring that our customers are presented with the most relevant, up-to-date information that they need to prioritise their efforts in securing their environment. The team at Pentera are an asset to the narrative Bytes have built in this area of technology and my team and I are excited to start delivering immediate value back to our customers”.

Pentera’s AVP for the United Kingdom, Steve Smith, adds: “We were blown away by Toby’s team, their capabilities, and their strong understanding of what we do and how it would help their clients to achieve better security, quickly. Pentera is very excited to announce this partnership with one of the biggest and most respected technology partners in the UK. We share Bytes’ commitment to delivering high quality and differentiating solutions to their customers, and are very confident our Automated Security Validation™ platform solution is a perfect addition to their existing cyber security portfolio.”