The partnership will enable the delivery of innovative and automated penetration testing managed services in the United Kingdom.

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 1, 2020 — The partnership introduced between Pcysys and Net Reply will enable the delivery of innovative and automated penetration testing managed services in the United Kingdom.

Net Reply’s goal is enabling customers to leverage automated security capabilities to increase organisational cyber posture whilst reducing staff burden. Powered by Pcysys’ PenTera organisations will be able to run penetration testing audits on-demand and reduce the time between exploitable-vulnerability appearance and its remediation.

This solution comes as part of Net Reply’s expert advisory and threat-facing remediation prioritisation services that will minimise the organisational cyber risk exposure. Utilising recurring validation and re-testing, organisations will benefit from ensuring proper implementation of remediation steps and creating a cyber posture benchmark they can track and grow from. As organisations evolve with their cyber risk mapping and reduction efforts, Net Reply will assist additional risk and audit task owners in leveraging the on-demand and continuous security validation services capabilities.

“We are very excited to partner with the Net Reply team and provide this managed service of automated and continuous security validation to enterprise companies across the UK,” says Steve Armstrong, UK Regional Sales Director at Pcysys. “The expansion of the network attack surface due to the increased remote workforce, in addition to its already dynamic nature, has created a growing demand for this integrated service.”

Join our webcast, September 10th 2020 to learn more about the joint service and how you can achieve continuous security validation in your organisation. Click here to register.

About Net Reply
Net Reply is the Reply Group Company specialising in Networks and Security. Our Security Practice provides an innovative and pragmatic approach to help our clients understand the threats to their business and to manage and mitigate service and privacy risks, leveraging the latest machine learning and automation technologies. With an agile and collaborative approach, we partner with our clients to ensure their network ecosystem is ready to exploit the opportunities of Digitalisation, IOT and Cloud by harnessing the power of Automation and Future Networking. Founded in 2010, Net Reply is a focused, dedicated, agile group of talented and experienced technologists and consultants.

About Pcysys
Pcysys delivers PenTera™ the agentless, automated penetration testing platform, that assesses and reduces corporate cybersecurity risk. The platform is run remotely or on-site to identify, analyze, and focus remediation efforts on breachable vulnerabilities. Hundreds of security professionals and service providers around the world use PenTera to perform continuous machine-based penetration tests that improve their immunity against cyber-attacks across their organization networks.

Contact: Aviv Cohen, Pcysys CMO | [email protected]