Pcysys’ automated penetration testing platform, PenTera™, helps businesses achieve superior cybersecurity resilience by focusing remediation efforts on breachable vulnerabilities

LONDON, March 20, 2019 /CNW/ — Based on its recent analysis of the global penetration-testing market, Frost & Sullivan awards Pcysys with the 2019 Global Customer Value Leadership Award for PenTera™, an automated penetration testing platform that resolves the cost and manpower challenges inherent in manual pentesting.

The platform provides chief information security officers (CISOs) and cybersecurity professionals with unprecedented insights into their cybersecurity’s posture and drives consistent improvement of their cyber posture over time.

“With the appearance of new technology, such as automated penetration testing, the drawbacks of VM tools have become more apparent. While VM can identify potential vulnerabilities, penetration testing takes the process one step further and actually establishes that a specific vulnerability is an entry point hackers can use to gain access to crucial information,” said Adam Gonn, Frost Analyst. “By taking the additional step, pen testers are able to present their clients with a shorter and more workable list of de facto exploitable vulnerabilities within their environment.”

The PenTera solution is agentless, installed locally, and operated by the CISO’s own team. The proof-of-concept trial can typically be conducted in 24 hours and does not require additional software or installations. Once the trial is completed, results are presented through an auto-generated penetration testing report. The solution outlines ways in which the result was achieved, thereby providing the CISO’s team with a comprehensive view of the company’s network infrastructure weaknesses, potential security loopholes, and recommendations to enhance its cybersecurity score.

“Employing algorithmic pentesting, the PenTera platform far exceeds a human pentester’s capacity as well as eliminates human error,” added Eli Grach, ADS Industry Analyst. “The platform validates large computer networks simultaneously and repeatedly reviews all pentesting stages, including discovery, vulnerability analysis, and exploitation. As an automated system, PenTera provides CISOs with the option to focus on specific network segments and validate previously discovered and mitigated vulnerabilities.”

The consistency and cost efficiency of Pcysys’ pentests allow cybersecurity teams to run a test as often as necessary, thereby enabling them to view and track results over time. Pcysys aims to standardize pentesting in terms of outlining elements that need to be validated and the testing frequency. This standardization will help establish a baseline and guidelines regarding procedures, industry sectors, and frequency validation as well as provide index tracking of various industries’ test scores.

“The ease, speed, and low cost of PenTera’s operation allow an enterprise’s internal cybersecurity staff to re-run a pentest after making changes to the network infrastructure. This ability ensures standardized quality assurance, which was not previously possible because of the high cost of manual pentesting,” noted Grach. “Because Pcysys’ technology is industry agnostic and because cybersecurity is a major concern for any modern business, the company is expected to experience significant growth in the future, particularly in verticals such as healthcare, financial services, and banking.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers, with a focus on improving the return on investment that customers make in its services or products. The award recognizes the company’s unique focus on augmenting the value that its customers receive, beyond simply good customer service, leading to improved customer retention and customer base expansion.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

About Pcysys
Pcysys’s automated penetration-testing platform, PenTera™, assesses and validates corporate cybersecurity risks. By applying the hacker’s perspective and performing machine-based penetration testing, our software identifies, analyzes and prioritizes remediation of cyber defense vulnerabilities and instrumentation. Security officers and service providers around the world use Pcysys to perform continuous, machine-based penetration tests to improve their immunity against cyber attacks across their organizational networks.

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