IP Telecom have chosen PenTera to assess and improve the IT cyber resilience of their network, as well as for their customers.

TEL AVIV Israel, December 17th, 2019 – Pcysys announced today that IP Telecom, a leading telecommunications operator and cloud computing service provider in Portugal, has chosen its Automated Penetration Testing platform, PenTera™, to assess and improve the IT cyber resilience of their own network, as well as for their customers.

“The PenTera solution gives us full visibility of our infrastructure and helps identify and, above all, prioritize our cyber security gaps and misconfigurations. The intelligence and automation of PenTera have brought us, and our customers, to a higher level of cyber maturity with maximum efficiency,” said Filipe Frasquilho, Director of the Business Datacenter and Cloud at IP Telecom. “Understanding the attack surface, from a hacker’s point of view, allows us to better serve our customers, suppliers, and internal stakeholders.”

Rui Ribeiro, General Manager of IP Telecom, adds, “As a Telco and cloud service provider, cyber security is of the highest importance not only internally, but for our customers in the Portuguese market as well. After implementing PenTera in our network, we understood that reselling the solution would benefit our enterprise customers by providing a solution that can increase their cyber resilience.”

Pcysys’ PenTera uses algorithms to scan and ethically penetrate the network with the latest hacking techniques, prioritizing remediation efforts with a threat-facing perspective. Requiring no agents or pre-installations, the platform enables organizations to focus their resources on the remediation of the vulnerabilities that take part in a damaging “kill-chain” without the need to chase down thousands of vulnerabilities that cannot be exploited towards data theft, encryption or service disruption.

“We are proud to partner with IP Telecom, an industry leader which puts cyber security at the forefront of its strategy and consistently invests in the field. We are certain IP Telecom will continue to gain unparalleled value from PenTera for themselves and for their clients,” added Noam Segev, Regional Sales Director at Pcysys.

About Pcysys
Pcysys delivers PenTera, an automated penetration-testing platform, that assesses and reduces corporate cybersecurity risk. By applying the hacker’s perspective, our software identifies, analyzes and prioritizes remediation of cyber defense vulnerabilities. Hundreds of security professionals and service providers around the world use PenTera to perform continuous machine-based penetration tests that improve their immunity against cyber attacks across their organization networks.

About IP Telecom
IP Telecom, with the motto “Connecting Businesses”, is an enterprise Telecommunications, Datacenter and Cloud Service Provider, owned by  Infraestruturas de Portugal, a state-owned company, tailored for the Information Technology business market. Its innovative portfolio of business solutions is known for its high- speed communications capabilities and 3 Datacenters. IP Telecom is an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company that incorporates information security in its operational and strategic processes.

Contact: Aviv Cohen, CMO, Pcysys | +972-54-3207204 | aviv@www.pcysys.com