Platform to be unveiled publically at Infosec London on June 5th

Pcysys, provider of the machine-based penetration testing platform, announced today that Pcysys version 1.5, addresses newly in-force GDPR requirements. GDPR Article 32, 1(d) requires organizations to regularly test, assess and evaluate their security effectiveness and controls.
Existing methods for security validation such as human pen-testing are often performed only once a year.
These methods fail to address the GDPR continuous assessment requirement in a cost-effective way, as they provide primarily a point-in-time assessment. In the arms race of CISOs vs. Hackers, many corporates cannot afford an in-house red team. Others lack the knowledge and tools to predict and defend against sophisticated hackers in a continuous way.

This is where Pcysys meets an unattended need with software.
“We are at the verge of the industrial revolution of cyber risk validation” said Founder and CTO of Pcysys, Arik Liberzon.
“Intelligent software that mimics the hackers actions is gaining momentum worldwide and solving economically a dire need to validate cyber risk against the real threat and prioritize the remediation efforts.”

The European Central Bank (ECB) recently published the European Framework for Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming coined as “TIBER-EU”. The framework aims to unify the methodologies of pen-tests which mimic the tactics and techniques of real hackers who target financial institutions. “We are in agreement with the TIBER-EU framework that threat-based risk validation is the preferred path towards the enhancement of corporate cyber resilience” said CEO of Pcysys, Amitai Ratzon. “Our growing network of partners and service providers can now act on this methodology by leveraging our technology to deliver penetration tests safely over critical live production systems.”