Electra, the global business conglomerate, has chosen PenTera, the Automated Penetration Testing platform to continuously test and validate its cyber security defenses.

TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 4, 2020 — Pcysys, the market leader in Automated Penetration Testing, has announced today that the Electra Group has selected PenTera™, to continuously test and validate its cyber security defenses.

The Electra Group puts cyber security at its forefront with an emphasis on risk-validation practices. Today, the group conducts manual penetration tests multiple times a year but recognizes that this isn’t enough in a dynamic network with vulnerabilities created daily. The group examined a variety of solutions and PenTera was the only platform that truly ethically challenged the network and delivered accurate and actionable results.

Roi Bachar, CIO of the Electra Group commented: “In just a few hours, all stakeholders could see the business value of PenTera. We had visibility of vulnerabilities that weren’t found during the manual penetration tests and were able to remediate them in no time due to the clear report generated by PenTera™. We found the Pcysys team to be dedicated and professional, and are pleased to have them as a partner.”

Requiring no agents or pre-installations, the PenTera platform uses an algorithm to scan and ethically penetrate the network with the latest hacking techniques. PenTera weighs each vulnerability as part of the complete attack vector, allowing organizations to focus remediation efforts on the breachable vulnerabilities that take part in the “kill-chain”. The platform is aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, providing the enterprise infrastructure with a consistent highest standard of security testing.

“We are very excited about the new partnership with Electra Group,” says Sivan Harel, Regional Sales Director for Israel and Northern Europe at Pcysys. “We are certain that the group will continue to see great value from our platform to protect itself against the ever evolving cyber threats”.

About Electra

Founded in 1945, the Electra Group is a trusted name in 17 countries across 4 continents. Electra has played a key role in building Israel’s vibrant economy over the last 75 years, while also establishing peerless services in strategic locations across Europe, Africa, and the USA. Exceptional performance and ongoing expansion are the cornerstones of the Electra strategy, and today the group is increasing its international market presence, creating exciting new ventures and partnerships that will introduce its innovative expertise, excellent reputation, and first-class reliability to new territories worldwide.

About Pcysys

Pcysys delivers PenTera™, an automated penetration-testing platform, that assesses and reduces corporate cybersecurity risk. By applying the hacker’s perspective, our software identifies, analyzes and prioritizes remediation of cyber defense vulnerabilities. Hundreds of security professionals and service providers around the world use PenTera to perform continuous machine-based penetration tests that improve their immunity against cyber attacks across their organization networks.

Contact: Aviv Cohen, Pcysys CMO | [email protected]