Skanska, leading global Project Management and Construction Group, have chosen PenTera, the Automated Penetration Testing platform to assess and improve the firm’s IT infrastructure resilience

TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 2, 2020  — Pcysys has announced that Skanska, the leading global Project Management and Construction Group, has chosen Pcysys’ Automated Penetration Testing platform, PenTera™, to automate its cyber security validation efforts.

As a global construction and development group, Skanska places employee and customer cybersecurity at its forefront. The visibility PenTera provides to the IT infrastructure, aligns completely with its ongoing efforts by continuously improving the organization’s cyber posture.

“As a multinational organization, it’s imperative that we have visibility to the networks of all subsidiaries. PenTera allows us to challenge all security controls and maintain a consistent level of testing globally,” says Thomas Keisu, Global Head of Cybersecurity & Data Protection at Skanska. “We’ve just begun our partnership, and already see tremendous value from the platform and the team.”

The PenTera platform scans and ethically penetrates the network with the latest hacking techniques, prioritizing remediation efforts with a threat-facing perspective. With PenTera, a company can maintain the highest resilience posture by performing penetration tests as frequently as needed – daily, weekly or monthly. The platform covers the scope of vulnerability assessment, security controls, credential strength validation, network equipment testing, and privileged access audits, eliminating the need to maintain separate tools.

“We, at Pcysys, understand the need for complete network visibility, especially when an organization has many subsidiaries worldwide such as Skanska,” says Sivan Harel, Regional Sales Director for the Nordics at Pcysys. “I’m proud of Skanska’s decision to team up with Pcysys and look forward to establishing a long term partnership between our companies.”

About Skanska
Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups. We are active in Europe and North America. Skanska provides innovative and sustainable solutions to create a sustainable future for its people, customers, and communities. This is reinforced by a continued commitment to Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment as well as Diversity and Inclusion.

About Pcysys
 delivers PenTera™, an automated penetration-testing platform, that assesses and reduces corporate cybersecurity risk. By applying the hacker’s perspective, our software identifies, analyzes and prioritizes remediation of cyber defense vulnerabilities. Hundreds of security professionals and service providers around the world use PenTera to perform continuous machine-based penetration tests that improve their immunity against cyber attacks across their organization networks.

Contact: Aviv Cohen, Pcysys CMO | [email protected]