The Israel Electric Corporation has chosen PenTera, the Automated Penetration Testing platform to validate its cyber security controls.

TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 11, 2020 — Pcysys announces that the Israel Electric Corporation has chosen PenTera, the company’s Automated Penetration Testing platform, to automate its cyber security validation efforts.

“The fact that we can run penetration tests on-demand is unheard of,” says Yaniv Avihazira Head of IT Infrastructure at the Israel Electric Corporation. “We have a huge network and make changes constantly, so it’s imminent for us to be able to focus security testing on specific segments or assets and validate they’re secure at any time. PenTera provides us with an accurate cyber security health check of the network, a practice the industry couldn’t offer until now.”

The PenTera platform scans and ethically penetrates the network with the latest hacking techniques, prioritizing remediation efforts with a business impact perspective. With PenTera, organizations can maintain the highest resilience posture by performing penetration tests on-demand in alignment with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. The PenTera platform covers the scope of what is nowadays managed by several separate tools, including vulnerability assessment, security control validation, credential strength validation, segmentation integrity, sensitive data hygiene, network equipment testing, and privileged access audits.

“The Israel Electric Corporation is a pioneer in its approach to cyber security,” says Sivan Harel, Regional Sales Director for Israel and Northern Europe at Pcysys. “With PenTera, the corporation has full visibility of the network and can ensure constant over watch of their cyber posture. We’re proud to be the industry leader enabling this capability.”

About The Electric Company

Founded in 1923, the Israel Electric Corporation is the largest supplier of electrical power in Israel. The IEC builds, maintains, and operates power generation stations, sub-stations, as well as transmission and distribution networks. The company is the sole integrated electric utility in the State of Israel. Its installed generating capacity represents about 75% of the total electricity production capacity in the country. It transmits and distributes substantially all the electricity used in Israel, including power generated by other producers.

About Pcysys

Pcysys delivers PenTera™, an automated penetration-testing platform, that assesses and reduces corporate cybersecurity risk. By applying the hacker’s perspective, our software identifies, analyzes and prioritizes remediation of cyber defense vulnerabilities. Hundreds of security professionals and service providers around the world use PenTera to perform continuous machine-based penetration tests that improve their immunity against cyber attacks across their organization networks.

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