As if the CISO’s plate isn’t full enough – here are more threats coming our way in 2024. 

Behold – AI-Powered malware attacks! This term refers to malicious software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to strengthen its capabilities and evade traditional security measures.

It begins with polymorphic malware that constantly changes its code to evade signature-based detection systems. Continuing with mass phishing attacks that incorporate personalized content, making it hard on users to distinguish legitimate from malicious messages. 

Finally, we’ll see better evasion techniques, as well as an effective and rapid method of spreading malware.

Considering all these threats, how do we plan to validate our security systems????

Exactly as we’ve done for the past decade, right!? Using manual penetration testing.

Ummmmmm, no, not exactly. We need to match our validation practices with those of our adversaries. How can you do it? 

Check out Pentera’s Automated Penetration Testing platform.